Maintaining a sports field is an ongoing responsibility but when the winter months hit and the winter sports start, the maintenance can sometimes be more involved than the summer months. Sports fields receive a pounding over the winter months for a number of reasons:

  • Limited sunlight
  • Frost
  • Fields being used when they are wet causing damage to soil and turf
  • Lines fading through ground saturation
  • Foot traffic from spectators digging up turf

Like any field sports, winter field sports can be particularly harsh as the low-key impact of a games of cricket are replaced with the hard-hitting, ground-breaking games of rugby. Ensuring that not only your line-marking but the general upkeep of the field is maintained throughout these punishing months will help with keeping the field in good condition for the summer months.

Some tips on how to help out your sports field during the winter months include:

Rope off problem areas around the field: If there are muddy patches and missing turf from spectators, rope off the area to give it a chance to grow back. 

Have regular checks of your line-marking: There may be certain patches (such as the goal line) that get more use that other parts of the field. Ensure you have regular checks and maintain any faded or dug up areas as they happen.