Next time you go and watch your favourite footy team play in the local stadium, take a look around and you’ll be surprised how much of that venue depends on line-marking. Even before you pull into the carpark, there will be line marking directing you where to go. If you can imagine the bigger stadiums that can hold tens of thousands of people, professional line-marking is essential in not only directing vehicles but foot traffic as well! 

This is why line-marking in stadiums is so important:

  • Directional signs on the roads alert traffic as to where to access the stadium.
  • Carparks – both traffic direction and car spacing.
  • Pathways direct spectators to entry and exit points of the stadium.
  • Emergency exits.
  • Staff entry.
  • Numbered seating in the stadium.
  • The sporting field itself.

There is a lot involved in ensuring a venue is spectator-friendly and most of that comes down to the ease of access spectators have to the stadium and knowing where to go once inside (including the players on the field!). 

At Supaturf we understand the different responsibilities of stadiums, patrons, players and staff which is why when line-marking is applied, it needs to be reliable and durable. Our extensive range of line-marking equipment offers options to cater to individual venues and their specific line marking needs. Being able to supply quality line-marking liquid is just as imperative as the application itself as often times many of those lines will be applied in high traffic areas. In addition to our experienced team who are available for training and advice, our liquids and equipment continue to be used in high profile sporting stadiums across Australia. 

If you would like any information about the products we provide or advice on how to manage line marking in stadiums, give our Supaturf head office a call.