As any sports fan or competitor would know the difference between a point, a try or goal can sometimes be millimetres.  This is why having accurate lines on all sports fields and courts is so important. 

Marking out lines is a process that requires several elements to fall in place. Before the paint even goes down, there are several things to consider when it comes to evaluating a venue for line marking:

  • Indoor or outdoor venue
  • The type of surface being marked
  • Is it an existing play field or a newly built venue
  • Is the venue currently being used
  • Will the lines require reapplication throughout the season
  • Which line marking machine is suitable for the application (line width, size of area, etc)

Understanding what exactly the lines are being used for will assist in getting the measurements of the field and the  lines themselves applied correctly. 

In addition to the operator, a lot of the responsibility lies on the actual line marking equipment and paint. This is why using a reputable supplier, like Supaturf, is necessary. All of our equipment has been designed specifically for line marking and tailoring to the individual needs of sports fields and courts.  Some of our equipment includes:

As with all of our application machines, accuracy is paramount when it comes to the application of lines.  All of our line marking machines are made and assembled using the highest quality materials which is complimented by our own product of Supaturf liquids

If you would like any more information on our line marking equipment for sports fields, please contact our head office.