Canberra based Visual Artist Katy Mutton has followed up on her 2016 “In Plain Sight” transformation of the small cruise boat M.V.Gull with another dazzling work of art by transforming the shore line of Lake Burley Griffin with “Pattern Logic”, a large scale art installation to explore pattern perception.

This work spans over 10,000 square metres and was achieved using 3 Supaturf line marking machines (especially adapted) and total of 61; 18lt buckets ( 1098 lt) of Redispray in 4 different colours.

What do you see; Cubes or Hexagons?

The line markers used are available to any Supaturf customer eager to explore the possibility of doing something abit more adventurous than mere lines on a sporting field

To see more, visit the artist website: https://www.katymutton.com/#/public-art/