Redispray as the name suggests is a ready to use product; it can be used in any spray or transfer marker currently on the market, whether it is a Supaturf machine or another manufacturer.

Redispray has taken the labour component out of setting up to line mark as well as removed the need to wash spray machines at the completion of the job.  Why and How does this work? the product is set up in production using the most up to date technology to prevent it from settling out in the machine; when you finish marking you only have to top up the machine and leave it – it will be ready to use whenever you need it.

Redispray clings to the grass blade more readily and doesn’t run as far onto the soil, thus giving a brighter, longer lasting line in most cases, therefore reducing the frequency that marking has to be done.

Because Redispray is ready to go: No mixing with water is required / no wash up is required – there is very minimal if any spoilage in and around facilities.

For City and Shire Councils that do a lot of line marking it removes the most expensive part of the job, the labour costs involved with preparation and cleaning on completion.

Redisprayand an Easy Marker are a complete system where you place the bucket of Redisprayonto the machine; eliminating the need to pour any liquids at all.

All in all, the most efficient and environmentally friendly ways to line mark any sports field.

Available in 18lt, 200lt and 1000 lt
Colours: White, Black, Blue, Red, Yellow and Green / Green Out