The simple and instant way to restore the natural green colour to all your important turf areas. No matter how carefully you look after your turf, during the dry summer months inevitable discolouration will occur.

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High Concentrate

Easy to Spray

Great coverage

GREENIT from SUPATURF will quickly restore a healthy natural colour to your turf! 


  • Can be used to cover up bare patches on football pitches before an important match or television event.
  • Can be sprayed onto tennis courts and bowling greens for "finals day "or for year round colour.
  • Will smarten up lawns at hotels and restaurants to show off beautiful and colourful gardens.
  • Is great for all around the golf club, greens, practice putting areas, tees, fairways and dry soilless areas around bunkers and ditches.
  • Will prove to be particularly useful on sloping grass areas where water drains away before penetrating the soil.

Simply spray on using a knapsack or walkover sprayer for a green that will last up to eight weeks (depending on the speed of growth, traffic and frequency of mowing). Can also be applied by Boom Sprayer

Greenit will not wash off, it is permanent when dry and has the ability to blend in with most grasses as the shade can be controlled by the amount applied.

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We guarantee our line marking liquids for turf are easy to use and environmentally safe. We guarantee a high performance of our machines and accessories providing a 12 month warranty on most models, using our complete line marking system.

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