It’s a massive weekend on the sporting calendar this weekend with the AFL Grand Final and NRL Grand Final playing back-to-back.

As well as the players and ref coming under scrutiny from the millions of viewers and spectators, the fields itself will be under the spotlight ensuring they are in top condition for Australian sports most important events. With the AFL being played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground and the NRL Grand Final being held at the ANZ Stadium in Sydney, both venues will be the most watched sporting fields in the county.

So what is involved with getting a venue up to Grand Final standard? Regular maintenance including mowing, fertilizing and aerating.  The MCG also received the added bonus of having a ‘break’ the weekend before the Grand Final event to ensure the turf remained in top condition.

Make sure when you’re watching the games this weekend, take a moment to appreciate how much work went into those fields looking as good as they do.