“Tennis Australia has recently installed grass courts in Darwin for the playing of the Davis Cup Tournament.

I am from Wodonga Tennis Centre and worked as a Consultant to Tennis Australia throughout the development of the courts up to match play condition.

Through the crucial turf establishment stages l used a Supaturf Boom Sprayer – an amazing piece of equipment providing first class accuracy and mobility. I highly recommend to anyone for fine turf areas.

For court marking l used Supa Stadia, which gave outstanding line brightness with a puff of dust when hit by the ball.

For any future work that l do at both Wodonga and with Davis Cup ties or anywhere else for that matter, I will only be using and recommending Supaturf Products as l see them as being the best in market place, having used them over a period of 20 years at Wodonga.


Shayne Ried

P.S – Aussies claimed the tie.”