Roll-In is a highly versatile hand tool designed to efficiently collect  objects off the ground without the need for bending at all. Roll-In is ideal for picking up fruits and nuts, both by amateur and professional growers. Roll-In is designed to encourage a correct body posture and so help prevent nagging back pain. Using the Roll-In collector is less tiring, than often tedious hand collecting, it speeds up the gathering process and optimizes working performance.
In nurseries and private gardens Roll-In is useful to pick up pine cones, acorns, beech-nuts and many types of fruit such as apples, pears, crab-apples, plums, passion fruit, and many more.
Roll-In is also designed and manufactured for agriculture use. It is suitable for use in small or confined areas – and indeed larger areas too – where specific crops and cultivations require manual floor gathering. Importantly the Roll-In system is an excellent tool to integrate with powered mechanical gathering systems. Picking up in difficult or confined areas of crop, where large machinery has missed or has difficulty to access.
Roll-In can also be used to pick up golf balls, tennis balls, shotgun cartridges and employed in many other collecting tasks in sporting environments.